14th International Symposium on

Functional π-Electron Systems

2nd – 7th June 2019, Berlin, Germany

Dear Colleagues at FPi14,
We were just informed that fake travel agents contact speakers (by phone, email, etc.) pretending to work for FPi14 and to arrange for hotels. No such travel agents exist, do not pass on any information (credit card details etc.) when being contacted!
We know that such scams become increasingly a problem for many scientific events.
For the time being, stay alert, and we hope that we'll have a great time together in Berlin soon!

Fπ14 is the next in line of the previous Fπ conferences in Japan (Osaka 1989, 1999, 2006, Kobe 1992), USA (Santa Cruz 1995, Ithaca 2004, Atlanta 2009, Seatle 2015), Europe (Ulm-Germany 2002, Graz-Austria 2008, Arcachon-France 2013), and China (Beijing 2011, Hong Kong 2017). It initially started as the “International Symposium on Functional Dyes” in Osaka. To broaden the scope of the conference and to adjust to the developments in academic and industrial research, it was renamed to the “International Symposium on Functional π-Electron Systems” in 2002. We are looking forward to receiving your abstracts featuring interesting results for both oral and poster presentations! The submission of papers is open now.


  • design and synthesis of new p-conjugated molecules and polymers
  • organic and polymeric semiconducting materials for thin film transistors
  • organic and polymeric photovoltaic and photo-responsive materials and devices
  • organic light-emitting materials for display and lighting application
  • hybrid and perovskite materials and devices
  • conjugated polymers and oligomers in chemo/bio-sensors
  • bioelectronic


Abstract Submission: 6th February 2019      (Deadline extended)
Abstract Acceptance Notification: End of February 2019


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